Our Unique Approach

Claiming to be “unique” is easy; delivering impactful, transformational training is another. Here’s what distinguishes us:

  • FOCUS: Our focus is on your objectives and outcomes. We begin by identifying your desired outcomes and your unique set of challenge. Our 10-Step Training Processwill ensure all your outcomes are achieved.
  • SIMPLCITY: Sales training shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we introduced The Seven Competencies of Consultative Selling™. These selling roles provide a repeatable roadmap for your sellers; best of all, everyone stays on message as you navigate the sale through the buyer’s decision-making process.
  • INTERACTIVE: Our practical, learn-by-doing philosophy activates your seller’s retention and long-term behavioral patterns. Usingvideo, whiteboard, role-playing activities, group exercises, and brainstorming, your team will stay engagedand glean new methods they can use the next day.
  • REPEATABLE PROCESS: We design a tailored roadmap fashioned aroundThe Seven Competencies of Consultative Selling. With your team equipped with a simple, repeatable process, they’ll display more confidence, reduce the sales cycle, improve closing rates, and close more deals.
  • CUSTOMIZED: Our custom-designed training content and exercisesreflect your value proposition and offer, not our presuppositions.
  • MEASURABLE: After the training is concluded we partner with you to measure improvement in Seven (7) Key Metrics:
    1. Sales volume
    2. Closing ratios
    3. Sales revenue from cross-sell, up-sell efforts
    4. Number of units sold
    5. New accounts/customers
    6. Profit margin
    7. Market share and/or territory growth (field sales)

Our Five Promises:

  • We identify your team’s sales performance gaps using proprietary virtual simulations to assess skill level and acumen.
  • We create a custom-design curriculum and interactive exercises that are 100% aligned with your product and/or services, your value proposition, your industry, and your selling culture.
  • We introduce a repeatable selling process that represents best practice in selling methodology.
  • We measure the effectiveness of the training 30-60-90 days after the initial rollout.
  • We provide ongoing reinforcement training for long-term retention and application.

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