Team Sales Training
to Boost Your Results

Equip your team with unwavering confidence, a consultative selling model, and proven sales skills.

Give them the critical tools to become trusted-advisors, generate more business, and grow your sales.

Your Team Will Learn to:

  • Sell on value – not on price
  • Overcome price objections
  • Win against lower priced competitors
  • Leverage a competitive advantage by differentiating
  • Engage in buyer-focused sales dialogues
  • Structure questions to unveil deep-seated needs
  • Navigate the close – without sounding pushy

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The Seven Roles of Consultative Selling

The Role of the Architect Strategize
  • Clearly Define Your Outcome
  • Determine Your 12 Month Sales Targets
  • Plan Your Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Activities to Achieve Your 12 Month Target
  • Gain Agreement and Consensus from Your Advocate
  • Assess Your Territory or Account Base
  • Identify New Opportunities
  • Become an Industry, Customer, and Product Expert
The Role of the Hunter Prospect
  • Identify Your Ideal Client Target (ICT)
  • Learn the Communication Style of the Client
  • Identify the Hierarchy of Decision-Makers
  • Develop a Compelling Benefit Statement
  • Schedule the 20 Minute Phone Call
  • Navigate the Gatekeeper (Hunters)
  • Overcome Contentment and Complacency
The Role of the DetectiveDiscover
  • Design Though-Provoking, High-Yield Questions
  • Shelve Your Presuppositions and Assumptions
  • Initiate an Impact Discussion
  • Prepare Situational and Gap Questions
  • Gain Consensus on the Severity of the Problem
  • Build Trust, Rapport, and Credibility
  • Understand Temperament Styles
  • Become a Trusted-Advisor and Partner
The Role of the Pharmacist Prescribe
  • Demonstrate Your Competitive Advantage
  • Match Needs with Tangible Solutions
  • Deliver Benefits, Value, and Outcomes
  • Avoid the Feature Dump
  • Differentiate and Position Your Unique Value Proposition
  • Sell Value, Not Price
  • Quantify Your Solution’s Impact
  • Employ the Four Quadrants of an Effective Presentation
  • Gain Consensus and Buy-In
The Role of the Counselor Resolve
  • Flush-Out Uncertainties and Objections
  • Why Pushback and Objections are Your Best Friend
  • Deal Effectively with Sticker-Shock and Price Resistance
  • Apply a 5-Step Method for Managing Any Objection
  • Eliminate “But” and “However” From Your Vocabulary
  • Avoid a Defensive Posture and Maintain Positivity
The Role of the Pilot Close
  • The Five Most Common Buying Signals
  • The Use of “What are your thoughts” and “How do you feel about”
  • Seven Conversational Closing Methods
  • Why the “Always Be Closing” (ABC) Method is Antiquated and Ineffective
The Role of the Farmer Nurture
  • Confirm the Outcomes the Customer is Looking to Achieve
  • Be Transparent and Manage Customer Expectations
  • Gain Consensus from Your Customer on the Details
  • Always Have a Contingency Plan in Your Hip Pocket
  • Deliver More Than You Promise – Or, At Least What You Promise
  • Allow the Customer to Define Exceptional Service
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Your Pathway to Sales Growth

  • We identify your team’s sales proficiency gaps using a proprietary virtual gaming simulation to assess skill level and selling acumen.
  • We deliver customized content and interactive exercises that are 100% aligned with your product and/or services, your value proposition, your industry, and your sales culture.
  • We design a repeatable selling process that is built exclusively for your company and represents best practice in selling methodology.
  • We measure the effectiveness of the training 30-60-90 days after the initial rollout.
  • We provide monthly podcasts, emails, and texts for reinforcement training.
  • We train your sales coaches/managers for continual improvement.

What Sets Us Apart?

Fully Customized

We don’t offer vanilla, boxed sales training. A customized solution engages your sellers and creates real selling scenarios during the session. We immerse ourselves in understanding your products, services, unique value proposition, and industry. Your training will reflect your sales culture and nuances.

Highly Interactive

If you’re looking for a motivational speaker, we’re not the right partner. Our “learn-by-doing” methods make your session over 70% interactive, resulting in better skill development and retention. Our methods include role-playing, brainstorming, problem-solving, and group exercises. Participant engagement is the cornerstone of The Seven Roles of Consultative Selling™.

Measurable and Reinforced

Training “events” provide a temporary shot-in-the-arm. A training strategy measures several key metrics and employs fun gaming simulators to ensure permanent retention and application. Ongoing sales management and coaching resources provide continual performance measurement and assess your seller’s proficiency gaps.

Practical and Relevant

Stride Learnings’ approach and methodology is simple and pragmatic. Drive immediate change in seller behavior and performance. The Seven Roles of Consulting Selling™ is highly practical, repeatable, and adaptable into any selling environment.

Ongoing Coaching Resources

Coaching provides your team with real-time support on actual account situations to drive activity, skills development, and results. Group reinforcement sessions refresh and build upon key aspects of the selling process, highlight implementation challenges, and drive personal accountability.

Learn Why 78% of Sales Training Fails

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I’ve known the leaders at Stride for over 35 years. Their commitment to helping companies reach their full potential and grow to the next level is demonstrated by their tremendous results.
John C. Maxwell
New York Times Best Selling Author

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